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Akron Preparatory School

1200 East Market St.
Akron, OH 44316
Phone: 330.247.6232 ext. 1547
Fax: 330.299.7173

For driving directions, use the following address:
20 Kelly Avenue 
Akron, OH 44305

  • Serving grades K-8
  • Located in the Goodyear Building
  • Art, Spanish, PE & Music programs
  • Free extracurricular activities
  • Free yellow bus transportation



Moving Forward


Akron Preparatory School, serving grades Kindergarten through eighth is a strategically placed charter school destined to blossom in the former home of the Goodyear Rubber & Tire company, which has been headquartered in Akron since 1898. The significance of this corporate monument provides an inspirational environment that is both spacious and visually rich. The atmosphere of Akron Preparatory School will stimulate the minds and hearts of our scholars. Located in the city’s business district, Akron Preparatory School sets a high bar that is far from business as usual. The facility provides the perfect placement for Akron Preparatory School because the school carries a torch of innovation that promises to provide opportunities for generations to come.

Investing in Service Learning

Akron Preparatory School is a new addition to the I CAN SCHOOLS Network, and invests in service learning that enables our scholars to experience the reward that is found in giving. While service learning projects begin within our neighborhood with volunteer opportunities for local care facilities, they expand across the ocean as our students participate in a yearlong international service project that allows them to meet the needs of children and families outside of the United States of America.

Enhanced Work Projects

In addition to rigorous instruction in core content, subjects our students will participate in enhanced work projects. Kindergarten through second grade scholars are members of character communities that share their hearts, hardships, and triumphs in a safe and welcoming atmosphere as part of their school day. Third through eighth grade scholars respond to writing prompts that build upon the importance of their lives and contributions as well as the importance and contributions of other significant people in their lives. A visit to our campus reveals students who are joyfully engaged and meaningfully on-task, leaders who are both friendly and firm, and accomplished instructors who are attentive and approachable. Scholars are celebrated for demonstrating character that improves their lives as well as the lives of others.

Remarkable Teachers

We celebrate successes both big and small and I CAN SCHOOLS educators prove that we have a lot to celebrate. Can you picture it? Take a moment and think about the favorite teachers in your life. Were they inspirational? Did they motivate you to achieve? Did they connect with you on a personal level? Picture a school full of remarkable teachers who understand that relationships are everything. Akron Preparatory School teachers endeavor to truly transform school life by establishing bonds with students and family members from day one.

Akron Preparatory School teachers have the skills and mindsets to provide a tremendous education in a no-excuses environment that will allow our graduates to have choices in life. Our mission reminds us that all of our scholars will go to high school and ultimately attend and graduate from a four-year college. Scholars can be expected to complete homework each night because they deserve to be academically excellent. Additional student work is made available to help parents further steer student learning at home. We hold after-school tutoring each day as well as Saturday School for students who need additional assistance. Our teachers also provide extra help for students during their own planning periods. Teachers serve as academic mentors who help parents and students find success early on and to provide ongoing support throughout the school year.

Music & Athletics

Music inspires learning and the infusion of Flocabulary into our academic program provides scholars with an opportunity to utilize educational hip-hop music and accompanying books in the classroom. Making a connection between core curriculum and music sets a tone for a unique and unbelievable educational experience. Competitive athletics provide opportunities for students to practice being exceptional both inside and outside of the classroom.

Unparalleled Scholastic Options

Families who choose to attend Akron Preparatory School can expect dinner table conversations that are filled with happy stories about college plans, inspiring teachers, and the fun of serving others. We are committed to continuing the legacy of innovation and economic sustainability in Akron by providing unparalleled scholastic and social options for our students and their families. Our rigorous academic program, unique instruction, and our focus on service learning will captivate our students and families and propel our great city to even greater heights for years to come. Thank you for choosing to join our extraordinary I CAN SCHOOLS family because we can and we do.

A Typical Day for a K-8 Student

Additional Information


The school has adopted the State of Ohio’s policy for the use of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion. OAC 3301-35-15