Child Find

Child find is the process of identifying, locating, and evaluating children who may have a disability and have significant, individual needs that may require special education and related services. Through child find, I CAN SCHOOLS seeks to identify all children from children ages birth to 21 who may need special education services, regardless of their situations.

A child with a disability may have one or more of the following impairments or disabling conditions: intellectual disability (cognitive disability), hearing impairment (including deafness), visual impairment, speech or language impairment, orthopedic impairment, autism, severe emotional disturbance, traumatic brain injury, or other health impairments or specific learning disabilities.

Every parent, relative, childcare provider, physician, public and private agency employee, or concerned citizen is encouraged to notify the school district of any child ages birth to 21 who may have a disability and require special education or related services. If you suspect that a child may have a disability, please contact the I CAN SCHOOLS Director of Special Education, Erin Lichota, at (216) 453-4558 ext. 1432 or