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Cleveland College Preparatory School

4906 Fleet Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44105

216.341.1347 (office)
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  • Serving grades K-8
  • Located in the historic Slavic Village
  • State-of-the-art technology lab
  • Unique Kindergarten space



Located in the Historic Slavic Village

Cleveland College Preparatory School, serving scholars in grades K-8, is located in the historic Slavic Village neighborhood on the southeast side of Cleveland. Slavic Village, from Fleet Avenue to Broadway, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. It has a rich history that values close connections to family and church and has a number of unique assets. The area is rich in diversity and this is evident throughout the neighborhood. Its future is bright and its vision is a vibrant, healthy community that promotes active living.

The Slavic Village neighborhood places a strong emphasis on top-notch educational opportunities and has recognized Cleveland College Prep as one such school. Our school has developed a strong relationship with the Slavic Village Development and works hand in hand to assist families in this neighborhood with community events and resident needs.

Campus & Amenities

Cleveland College Preparatory School has a “family” feel. As one of the smallest schools in the network, we boast a close-knit relationship that is formed with all scholars and families. One feature that is unique to our school is our Kindergarten “house.” We have been able to secure the small building that sits directly next to the school itself. With its own house, the Kindergarten teachers have been able to create a space entirely unique to Kindergarten needs. The Special Education department shares this space with the Kindergarten and this has allowed the Special Education teachers to create a private space for small-group and individualized instruction. The main building boasts a spacious gymnasium and fully-functional stage that are both utilized for a number of student activities. These activities include movies, pep rallies, assemblies, PE classes, school dances and choir concerts. We also have a state of the art technology lab that contains 35 computers for student use. These computers are utilized for both formal computer classes and student projects. Three extra-curricular programs that are unique to our school are elementary martial arts and middle school basketball and student council. We have a strong middle school basketball program that boasts an undefeated record.

A Stellar Academic Program

Cleveland College Preparatory School has been in operation for three years and has maintained a stellar academic program that has allowed scholars in grades 3-8 to excel on state standardized testing. Our school has achieved an Effective rating from Ohio’s State Department of Education. This accomplishment can be attributed to our strong academic program and teaching staff. Our school was also recognized by our sponsor as a School of Improvement in year one. The local Slavic Village newspaper has also recognized Cleveland College Preparatory School as a school that families want to attend.

Teachers & Staff

The teaching staff at Cleveland College Preparatory School is one of a kind. Teacher retention is high and many of our teachers and support staff have been with us since the beginning. The faculty at Cleveland College Preparatory School has an incredibly strong work ethic and goes above and beyond what is asked of them each day. Our students are our main priority and we do whatever it takes to allow them to be successful. We hold after-school tutoring each day as well as Saturday School course for students who struggle. Our teachers also utilize their own “free periods” to assist students with extra help. In addition to regular daily lessons, our teachers provide extra work packets for families per request. Our staff embodies the school’s mission that all scholars will go to a college prep high school and ultimately attend and graduate from college. The mindset at Cleveland College Preparatory School has always been “students first.” Our families feel supported and welcomed by our teachers and staff at all times and our communication with families is exceptionally strong. Whether it is a phone call, email or brief chat after tutoring, families can be assured that teachers will find a way to communicate with them.

Families who choose to attend Cleveland College Preparatory School can expect a safe learning environment with a close-knit family feel. Our success will continue to flourish as we welcome new families into our school.

A Typical Day for a K-8 Student

Additional Information


The school has adopted the State of Ohio’s policy for the use of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion. OAC 3301-35-15