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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Charter or Community Schools public schools?
Yes. Charter schools, also called community schools, are public schools. They are free and open to the public just like any other public school in your neighborhood. However, just like other public schools, some charter schools do have enrollment boundaries and some accept only a small number of students per year.

Do you have to pass an entrance exam to be accepted to a Charter School?
No. Charter Schools are not like magnet or private schools and do not require students to take any admissions tests. Any student in Ohio who would like to attend a charter school may do so.

How do I enroll my child in an I CAN SCHOOL?
Please contact the school location in which you would like to enroll your child.

Do you have to pay tuition to attend an I CAN SCHOOLS program?
No. Our schools are free.

Is I CAN SCHOOLS a for-profit company?
No. I CAN SCHOOLS is a non-profit organization.

Does I CAN SCHOOLS provide transportation?
Yes, I CAN SCHOOLS provides yellow bus service through an external vendor.  This is at NO cost to our families.  Additionally, only I CAN SCHOOLS students ride the buses to and from school.  RTA passes are available upon request for all students.  RTA passes are at NO cost to our families.

Where do I find the uniforms for my child(ren)?
Families who are enrolling Kindergarten through Eighth grade students can purchase black slacks, skirts, long sleeve button down white shirts from any store of their choice.  I CAN SCHOOLS families will receive a 25% discount on uniform materials if they shop at Silverman’s.  High School students must purchase the school uniform through I CAN SCHOOLS.  All components of this uniform are designed specifically for our high school students at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School.

Does I CAN SCHOOLS offer a sports program?

I CAN SCHOOLS has intramural basketball for boys and girls in middle school.  I CAN SCHOOLS has a formal basketball team and cross country team for high school students.

Do the schools have a PTO or a formal program for parental involvement?
Yes, each campus has its own Parent Teacher Organization affiliate.  Please contact a campus for more information about meeting times and activities.

Does I CAN SCHOOLS offer any classes outside of the core content classes: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Writing?

Yes, each student is required to take Spanish, Art, and Music.  The I CAN SCHOOLS network employs Physical Education teachers, Music teachers, Art teachers, and Foreign Language teachers that travel to the schools and provide these courses.