Frequently Asked Questions

Are I CAN SCHOOLS campuses public or private?
Our campuses are public schools, which means we are held accountable to state educational standards. Our charter school classification means that we are able to implement our own research-based curriculum and policies to ensure scholar achievement. This is how we are able to provide a private school education at a public school price.

Do you have to pass an entrance exam to be accepted to I CAN SCHOOLS?
No. Charter schools are not like magnet or private schools and do not require students to take any admissions tests. Any student in Ohio who would like to attend a charter school may do so.

I CAN SCHOOLS accepts scholars of all academic backgrounds. Our teachers are trained to identify the strengths and initial academic deficiencies of each scholar to craft an effective, individualized learning plan

How can I enroll my child in I CAN SCHOOLS?
Enrollment is easy!

Step One: Attend a parent orientation at your local campus.
Step Two: Complete and submit an enrollment packet with additional documentation.

To get started, simply contact our admissions team at 1-888-977-ICAN (4226) or at

How much does an I CAN SCHOOLS education cost?
It's free. Not only do our schools have free tuition for all scholars, we also offer breakfast & lunch, yellow-bus transportation, after-school tutoring, Saturday school, ACT/SAT preparation, extracurricular activities, and college visits at no cost to families.

Is I CAN SCHOOLS a for-profit company?
No. I CAN SCHOOLS is a non-profit organization.

Is transportation provided at I CAN SCHOOLS?
Yes. Our scholars are provided with yellow-bus transportation at no cost to families.

Are uniforms mandatory for all scholars?
Yes. Uniforms eliminate distractions in the classroom and foster a sense of unity and professionalism. We provide middle school scholars with blazers and all scholars with ties at no cost.

Where do I find the uniforms for my child(ren)?
Information about uniform expectations and vendors can be found at

Does I CAN SCHOOLS offer a sports program?
I CAN SCHOOLS has an extensive athletics program. More information about our athletics programming can be found at

Do the schools have a PTO or a formal program for parental involvement?
Yes, each campus has its own Parent Teacher Organization affiliate. Please contact a campus for more information about meeting times and activities.

Does I CAN SCHOOLS offer any classes outside of the core content classes: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Writing?
Yes, each student is required to take Spanish, art, and music. The I CAN SCHOOLS network employs physical education teachers, music teachers, art teachers, and foreign language teachers that travel to the schools and provide these courses.

I CAN SCHOOLS also offers an large selection of elective courses for its high school scholars.

Can I CAN SCHOOLS scholars earn college credit during high school?
Yes. We offer Advanced Placement courses like Environmental Science that can earn scholars college credit while still in high school.

Are there enrichment programs or special education programs at I CAN SCHOOLS?
Yes, we have a robust enrichment program and an exceptional special education program at each of our campuses.