Our History

I CAN SCHOOLS is a nonprofit charter management organization founded in 2010 to operate a network of schools that provide all students with a high quality educational experience. I CAN SCHOOLS was created upon the premise that with charter schools, one size does not fit all in K-12 education. The schools are designed to provide a program that will best fit a student’s specific academic and social needs.

I CAN SCHOOLS network schools are governed by a board of directors skilled in the areas of education, accounting, finance, business, philanthropy, and law. I CAN SCHOOLS is operated by an exceptional executive management team that believes and supports its vision. The team acts as a supporting organization for finance, talent recruitment, student recruitment, school accountability, school culture, and operations. The network schools are operated by management and staff comprised of educators and community stakeholders. Schools in the network have received the Ohio Auditor of the State Award for their fiscal responsibility.

The Founders

I CAN SCHOOLS was founded by passionate educators who pioneered an innovative and creative model of education based upon national best practices. Their schools in urban communities were successful in closing the achievement gap for low income students from Ohio's underserved neighborhoods. In 2010, they utilized this model to create the I CAN SCHOOLS network. Their mission is for students in urban communities to have access to a high quality education and to become prepared academically and socially for college. The Founders are committed to assuring that I CAN SCHOOLS substantially increase the academic outcomes of its students by closing the achievement gap.

Educational Excellence

I CAN SCHOOLS offers an innovative, proven, and research-based curriculum in an atmosphere where expectations remain at the highest levels, experienced school leaders believe in their students, and parental involvement is continuous and nurtured. It is the expectation that all of the graduating eighth graders attend a college preparatory high school. It is the vision of I CAN SCHOOLS that 100% of its students will graduate from high school, graduate from college, and access opportunity to build a life of substance and achievement. Equipped with an excellent education, I CAN SCHOOLS graduates can impact the world.