Home Office: Scholars for Life

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM


At I CAN SCHOOLS, we are passionate about our mission and vision.  We believe strongly in the tagline we developed to reflect this mission and vision : “College-Bound. Giving Back. Scholars for Life.”  Not only do we expect students to embody this motto, but we believe our staff should strive for the same goals in their daily lives.  Last week, the I CAN home office staff was granted the opportunity to come together as a group and practice the ideal of “Scholars for Life.”   Hosted by the Institute for Creative Leadership (ICL), 18 members of the I CAN SCHOOLS leadership staff stepped away from their offices for a day full of rewarding, creative exercises.
As seen below, many activities required a degree of trust.
Though many of the challenges presented by ICL appeared as simple tasks or competitions at first glance, careful listening and analysis of instructions ultimately required staff members thinking outside of the proverbial box to achieve the set goals.   Team members were forced to push themselves and each other outside of their comfort zones, with the ICL staff often intentionally putting them in uncomfortable situations.  However, it was that ability to step outside of comfort zones that eventually led to innovative solutions in nearly every obstacle the home office team was faced with throughout the day.  The staff came together to work as a team, even in scenarios that were originally thought to be competitions.  
After a full day of mental and physical challenges, the team felt both exhausted and rejuvenated.  The advanced levels of teamwork and openness were on fulldisplay in the final activities of the afternoon, proving that Scholars for Life is truly a value that can be taken beyond the classroom through an intentional focus on professional and personal development.
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