How To Apply

The first step in starting your career at I CAN SCHOOLS is to complete online application. You can find the application at: After vetting, qualified applicants will be selected to proceed in the interview process.

Phase 1: Complete Interview via Skype, FaceTime, or phone

  • This consists of 7-10 questions to determine if a candidate is mission fit based on the overall mission and quality and characteristics that we seek.

Phase 2: Complete In-Person Interview and prepare a lesson

  • Interview with Director of Talent Recruitment
  • 15-20 in-depth questions regarding pedagogy, instruction inside the classroom and class management.
  • Candidate also prepares a sample lesson in their content area and is given feedback during the interview stage.

Phase 3: Teach a Sample Lesson at an I CAN SCHOOLS campus

  • Principal will be contacted via email by the Director of Talent Recruitment giving a brief overview of candidate.
  • The principal will contact candidate within 24 hours of email to set up a sample lesson.
  • The principal is responsible for sending candidate a current lesson for them to teach. Also, Principals are to tell candidate what exactly they would like to the outcome of the lesson to be (i.e. strong class management, in-depth rigor in lesson instruction, etc.)
  • The candidate will be required to teach an hour long sample lesson in front of a live class while being observed by administration.