I CAN SCHOOLS Canton Test Scores Press Release

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 10:54:00 AM
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CLEVELAND, OH (SEPTEMBER 10, 2013)— No matter where a student falls on the academic spectrum, Canton College Preparatory School has implemented a plan to fit their needs.


While most elementary students have to wait for state standardized tests to determine their performance relative to their grade level, Canton College Preparatory School chose to test each of their scholars at the beginning of the school year. By administering standard math and oral reading assessments, parents, students, and teachers know immediately where their child’s abilities fall relative to the state’s goal. This method allows the I CAN SCHOOLS campus to waste no time in implementing individualized learning programs.


Canton College Preparatory School found their student’s current abilities to range greatly. For example, the fourth grade goal for words read per minute is 118. While one student in the class scored an 8, another scored 171—the norm for eighth grade students. This spread is typical across all tested grades at Canton College Prep. To challenge and benefit students at every achievement level, the campus has implemented plans for student success across the academic spectrum.


“There is greatness inside of each one of our scholars,” explains Teresa Sayles, the principal at Canton College Preparatory School. “Our task is to create conditions under which this becomes evident in their character and academic pursuits!"


For students who need to catch up to grade level expectations, Saturday school is used to pinpoint individual struggles and raise performance. Math and reading tutoring is also provided to accelerate the process. Advanced students who may not be challenged enough by grade-level material are offered a comprehensive gifted program to enrich their educational experience. All of these resources are offered at no cost to families.


I CAN SCHOOLS performance statistics include:


          After three years of attending I CAN SCHOOLS programs, 100% of the students are performing at or above grade level.

          100% of ICS eighth grade graduates have entered a college preparatory high school.

          I CAN SCHOOLS students outperform their peers in public school districts on achievement tests.




I CAN SCHOOLS is a non-profit charter school management organization created by passionate, successful educators and teachers. The mission of I CAN SCHOOLS is to prepare students for a college preparatory high school that ensures acceptance and graduation from a four year college and/or university. I CAN SCHOOLS is dedicated to providing all students with an education that supersedes standards of excellence.




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