Mr. Donald Gordon Announced as New Principal for Akron Preparatory School

Sep 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Donald Gordon has been named as the new Principal at Akron Preparatory School. Principal Gordon has a strong educational background and has led many impressive initiatives over the course of his career.

Mr. Gordon, a Hampton University graduate, contributes his professional and personal mission to his experience volunteering at a local elementary school during his collegiate days.  After graduating from Hampton, Mr. Gordon returned to his hometown of Rochester, NY where he created and established an after school program for 3rd to 12th grade level students.  The program started with just two students, but expanded to an average of 15-20 students over the course of six months.  Local leaders and clergy noticed Mr. Gordon's commitment to students' academic achievement and success, and provided financial support and resources to expand the program to serve more students and additional locations within the city.

Mr. Gordon made a move to Chicago and was named Dean of Students for a high profile school on Chicago's south side.  As a school administrator, he was responsible for overseeing a wide range of components and projects within the school. Some of those components consisted of leading the post-secondary team, executing post-secondary plans for graduating and over-aged seniors, the Freshmen On-Track initiative, all school-wide activities and athletic programs, and community partnerships. Mr. Gordon also managed and collaborated with several federal grant organizations and groups to further the high school's missions and objectives.

Mr. Gordon has also worked with the University of Chicago's Consortium Network for College Success to decrease the educational gap within urban schools throughout Chicago.  He's participated on a number of research teams and panels to drive the conversation on injustices within urban education.  In 2013, Mr. Gordon was invited to participate in George W. Bush's Educators Summit in Dallas, Texas where he collaborated with educators across the world on the importance of the freshmen year of high school.  

After years of hands on work with classroom instruction, Mr. Gordon decided to pursue an opportunity with the I CAN SCHOOLS network in 2015.  Most recently, Mr. Gordon was a Principal Fellow with the I CAN SCHOOLS network at Cleveland College Preparatory School. As a fellow, he was strategically planning and leading in collaboration with the school principal.

Please join us in welcoming Principal Donald Gordon to the Akron Preparatory School Family!