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Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School

2357 Tremont Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

216.965.0580 (office)
216.394.0364 (fax)

  • Serving grades K-12
  • Located in the heart of Tremont
  • An award-winning school
  • One of the highest performing schools in the area
  • NCA-CASI accredited


The Perfect Location

Founded in 2010,  Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School is a public charter school serving over 400 students in Kindergarten-12th grade. The 2014-2015 school year will mark the first graduating class of NEO High School. NEO College Preparatory School is located in the heart of Tremont at 2357 Tremont Avenue. Tremont was originally settled by Eastern Europeans, Appalachians, Greeks, Polish and African-Americans, and is one of Cleveland’s oldest and safest neighborhoods with architectural gems evoking its rich cultural heritage. Tremont was once named University Heights in tribute to the hosting of the city’s first institution of higher learning - Cleveland University - which operated in the neighborhood from 1851 to 1853. The current street names “Professor,” “College,” “University,” and “Literary” are remnants of this period; thus making it the perfect location for our college preparatory school.

An Award-Winning School

NEO College Prep is currently in its third year of operation and is an award-winning school. Our school is recognized as an Effective school with the Department of Education and has received multiple recognitions from Education Resource Consultants of Ohio (ERCO). Additionally, NEO College Prep has been recognized in many publications throughout the local community such as the Ohio Black Alliance of Educational Organizations (BAEO).

A Diverse Group of Teachers

NEO College Prep is home to a diverse group of teachers from all over the country. This team of incredibly dedicated adults combined with public and non-public teaching experiences, as well as educated from an array of colleges, creates an amazing staff that has spent countless hours working together to become a family. This year our team has currently expanded to working with Teach for America, which has brought in even more enthusiastic teachers to the NEO family. This group of individuals has the pride and passion and works well beyond the school day to ensure the most intentional and rigorous lessons are created, as well as, ensures that strong relationships are built with the students and families.

One of the Highest Performing Schools in Tremont

  • All students, families, teachers and leaders are 100% committed to the mission of the school and use that mission to guide all decisions made regarding the school.
  • Systems and routines are created and constantly perfected to ensure all students are learning in the safest environment possible.
  • Excellent teachers and leaders are the backbone to the school and will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to ensure all students are learning.
  • Students are receiving an education from a curriculum that is of college preparatory quality beginning at the earliest grade levels.

Families who choose to attend NEO College Prep will get a high quality, college-prep educational experience. We welcome your family to our family.

Additional High School Info

A Typical Day for a High School Student

A Typical Day for a K-8 Student

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The school has adopted the State of Ohio’s policy for the use of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion. OAC 3301-35-15