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Ohio College Preparatory School

21100 Southgate Park Blvd.
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137
216.453.4550 (office)

  • Serving grades K-8
  • Platinum level curriculum
  • Free yellow-bus transportation
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Ohio College Preparatory School is a strategically located charter school serving kindergarten through eighth grade scholars from the surrounding neighborhoods of Maple Heights, Bedford, Warrensville Heights, and Cleveland, Ohio. The diversity and uniqueness of these communities brings an eclectic mix of scholars whose experiences and background inform and enhance the learning process. Ohio College Preparatory School was founded in 2013 as part of the I CAN SCHOOLS network and is the network's first campus in a suburban setting.

A State-of-the-art Educational Center

Ohio College Preparatory School scholars enjoy an educational setting located near area businesses that encompass entrepreneurial, corporate, and non-profit entities including a new state-of-the-art county library system. The K-8 school building is located near the famous Southgate USA retail complex, which is surrounded by a residential community. The building itself is LEED certified and is equipped with the latest technological advances, including a wireless network for scholars and teachers. A state of the art computer lab utilizes revolutionary education technology that allows for online testing and integrated lesson plans that provide scholars and educators with immediate feedback with regards to academic achievement and progress. The integration of SMART Boards, tablets, and other unique technology increases classroom engagement and expands instructional possibilities in unique ways.

In 2013, the campus received a $20,000 grant from its sponsor, the Ohio Council of Community Schools, to purchase further cutting-edge classroom technology.

Investing in Community Volunteerism and Engagement

Part of the I CAN SCHOOLS vision is the expectation that 100% of graduates will positively affect change in their local communities while making a contribution to our global society. Ohio College Preparatory School invests in service learning that enables our scholars to experience the reward that is found in giving. While service-learning projects begin within our neighborhood with volunteer opportunities for local care facilities, they expand across the ocean as our scholars participate in a yearlong international service project that allows them to meet the needs of children and families outside of the United States. Scholar and teacher engagement in the surrounding community also helps to build relationships with local businesses and families and establish Ohio College Preparatory School as an engaged stakeholder in the city and Northeast Ohio as a whole.

ON-task and Focused Scholars

At Ohio College Preparatory School, children are expected to go above and beyond book learning: the I CAN SCHOOLS educational model inspires even the youngest of pupils to take interest in their studies and research and explore subjects independently. To reflect their advanced pursuit of knowledge, those enrolled at the school are referred to as “scholars” instead of “students.” From the first day of Kindergarten, every moment of a scholar’s day facilitates learning at the highest level. The school’s rigorous curriculum is based on decades of research of best practices for an effective college preparatory education across the country. As the foundations of all other core subjects and disciplines, math and reading are given particular focus and time at every grade level. After-school tutoring is available at no cost to scholars to ensure every scholar remains on course with these subjects.

In addition to rigorous instruction in core content subjects, our scholars participate in enhanced work projects. Kindergarten through second grade scholars are members of character communities that share their hearts, hard work, and triumphs in a safe and welcoming atmosphere as part of their school day. Third through fifth grade scholars respond to writing prompts that build upon the importance of their lives and contributions as well as people who are significant to them. A visit to our campus reveals scholars who are joyfully engaged and meaningfully on-task, leaders who are both friendly and firm, and accomplished instructors who are attentive and approachable. Scholars at Ohio College Preparatory School demonstrate high emotional intelligence and are celebrated for demonstrating character that improves their lives as well as the lives of others.

Passionate Teachers

Take a moment and think about the favorite teachers in your life. Were they inspirational? Did they motivate you to achieve? Did they connect with you on a personal level? Picture a school full of remarkable teachers who understand that relationships are everything. Ohio College Preparatory School teachers are recruited from around the country and they endeavor to truly transform school life by establishing bonds with students and family members from day one. Our teachers are more than instructors and educators: they are exceptional role models, mentors, and lifetime supporters of our scholars.

Ohio College Preparatory School teachers have the skills and mindsets to provide a tremendous education in a no-excuses environment that will allow our graduates to have choices in life. Our mission reminds us that all of our scholars will go to a high performing high school and ultimately attend and graduate from a four-year college. Scholars can be expected to complete homework each night because they deserve to be academically excellent. Additional work is made available to help parents further steer student learning at home. Teachers hold after-school tutoring each day as well as Saturday School for scholars who need additional assistance. Our teachers also provide extra help for students during their own planning periods. Ohio College Preparatory School educators serve as academic mentors who are committed to helping parents and scholars find success early on and to provide ongoing support throughout the school year.

Fine Arts & Athletics

The fine arts are important keys to building scholar self-esteem and emotional intelligence. Ohio College Preparatory School features a dedicated music room to encourage scholar expression and exploration of musical interests. Music inspires learning, and the infusion of Flocabulary into our academic program provides scholars with an opportunity to utilize educational hip-hop music and accompanying books in the classroom. Making a connection between core curriculum and music sets a tone for a unique and valuable educational experience.

Ohio College Preparatory School also recognizes that promoting physical well-being at an early age helps set scholars up for a healthy lifetime of success. Competitive athletics including basketball provide opportunities for students to practice being exceptional both inside and outside of the classroom. Cheerleading opportunities are also offered to students. All I CAN SCHOOLS are in the process of becoming a part of the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Recognizing ENRICHMENT PROGRAM Students

Enrichment education begins in Kindergarten at Ohio College Preparatory School. State Board of Education assessment tests and internal measures created by our Intervention Specialists assist with the identification of gifted scholars. Ohio College Preparatory School’s programmatic features and curriculum are developed for each scholar based upon his or her individual need. Stimulating and creative techniques and strategies that support and enhance the enrichment scholars include independent studies, project-based learning, classroom and non-classroom learning opportunities, on and off-site learning, experiential learning and self-created projects. Teachers work to assure that students exceed the goals outlined in the customized enrichment education plan.

Achievement Focused

Families who choose to attend Ohio College Preparatory School can expect conversations that are filled with enthusiastic stories about college plans, inspiring teachers, and the fun of serving others. Our rigorous academic program, unique instruction, and our focus on service learning have a lasting effect upon our scholars, their families, and the surrounding community for years to come.

A Typical Day for a K-8 Student

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The school has adopted the State of Ohio’s policy for the use of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion. OAC 3301-35-15