Our Victories & Achievements

The I CAN Family: Our Network Successes

The I CAN Family has worked together to achieve incredible results for the I CAN SCHOOLS network. Our scholars experience dramatic progress from the day they enroll: within one year of attending I CAN SCHOOLS, the average increase in academic growth in math is 186% and 131% in reading. Within three years of attending an I CAN SCHOOL, 100% of scholars are performing at or above grade level. These incredible achievements have resulted in our schools achieving “A” grades from the Ohio Department of Education for Overall Student Progress, Progress for Students in the Lowest 20% of Achievement, and Students with Disabilities.

Our academic success has allowed our network to become the fastest growing charter school network in the Midwest. The 2013-2014 school year saw the I CAN network expand beyond its four Cleveland campuses for the first time with the opening of schools in Akron, Canton, and Maple Heights, Ohio. The 2015-16 school year will see I CAN SCHOOLS become a multi-state network as we expand to Indianapolis, Indiana. Plans for future campuses in Indianapolis, Indiana, Euclid, Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee, and Detroit, Michigan are underway for the 2016-2017 school year and beyond.

Recent Highlights

Class of 2015 Scholarship Success

With only half of the year behind us, the very first class of graduating seniors at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School have already been awarded in excess of $700, 000.00 in scholarship awards towards their college educations as of January 2015. The class of 2015 consists of 34 seniors who have already received over 54 acceptance letters to colleges and universities across the country. 2015 marks a landmark year for I CAN SCHOOLS as we will see our first class of seniors graduate and bring the mission one step closer to fruition.  We continue to prepare our scholars at our seven K-8 campuses to succeed during their time at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School so they can celebrate as seniors as they make their final preparations to succeed during their college careers!

Teacher of the Year finalist

Ashley Faller, first grade teacher at the Lake Erie Preparatory School, has been named a Teacher of the Year Finalist by the Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS). Ashley Faller has been teaching first grade at Lake Erie Preparatory School since 2013 and has demonstrated a commitment to the mission and vision of Lake Erie Preparatory School by truly embodying the components of doing whatever it takes to ensure her scholars are prepared for second grade and the future. She creates a safe and inviting environment where all scholars feel comfortable engaging in the learning process. Scholars in Ms. Faller's classroom are eager to participate and show what they know because they are truly proud of their learning and success. Ms. Faller creates rigorous and relevant lessons in which she makes age appropriate connections to potential colleges and careers for the scholars. One hundred percent of Ms. Faller's scholars can actively recite the school's mission and explain what it means to them now and in the future. For this accomplishment, OCCS has awarded her with the Glass Apple award as well as a gift certificate, which she has in turn used for her classroom.

Giving back to the community

The University of Cleveland Preparatory School prepared and served a Thanksgiving Dinner to over 250 people, including scholars and families, during the Thanksgiving Season. The Parent Volunteer Organization and school staff worked relentlessly to secure donations, orchestrate planning and provide entertainment to dinner guests. Scholars provided entertainment and shared their talents through singing, keyboarding and even cheerleading! The evening was a time for fellowship between families, scholars, staff and community.