Read A Million!

Aug 19, 2016


I CAN SCHOOLS is dedicated to ensure commitment and success in literacy to all of our students. We invite each student, family, and teacher to read one million words by the end of the school year!

The idea is simple - to challenge our students to read a million words per year, and to encourage reading for pleasure. Research indicates a good way to increase student achievement is to encourage reading.  The more children read the easier reading will become. The practice of reading helps people of all ages to learn about the world and create better readers. All types of reading are encouraged, including newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and digital text.  The objectives of the Read A Million program include:

  • Help students develop good reading habits
  • Create excitement about reading every day
  • Support students in becoming proficient readers
  • Increase academic achievement for all students

    Click here to learn more about the expectations of our students and teachers in the Read A Million program.