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Friday, September 11, 2015 1:48:00 PM

            There is no I CAN Family without all of our key stakeholders playing their part.  Of course, what makes I CAN SCHOOLS unique is that at the end of the day, all of our funders and friends recognize that one group of stakeholders is more important than any other: our scholars.  We recognize the necessity of balancing quality, individualized education with our self-imposed mission to close the achievement gap for as many scholars as possible.  As a result, we carefully monitor our enrollment numbers to ensure that our schools are able to provide the highest quality education to the highest number of new and returning scholars.  


This school year, the I CAN Schools network has done a fantastic job of developing enrollment across all campuses.   The Admissions Team has worked relentlessly to ensure that all grade levels at each campus are represented as fully as possible. This year has been unique in that it is the first year I CAN has not expanded its network’s portfolio or size within the state of Ohio.  As a result, our strategy changed back to a focus on reenrollment and greater grassroots efforts that would require minimal funding. The result?   Successful Community Fun Days (a famous enrollment staple) at Canton College Preparatory School and Lake Erie Preparatory School and a reenrollment campaign that ended with over two-thirds of scholars choosing to re-enroll at I CAN SCHOOLS
Although we’ve been successful, we realize that our work with enrollment is never fully complete, and we are always looking to increase our presence and engagement within the communities we serve.  In an effort to continue reaching out to the community and filling our schools with scholars in need, the I CAN home office organized an incredible day of canvassing on Friday, September 4th.  After designing and printing promotional flyers, we strategically mapped out the most optimal areas of the city to focus on. 
From there, our teachers and principals stole the show.  Each campus had roughly 20 volunteers demonstrate their dedication and commitment by volunteering several hours on what should have been a day off from work.  They happily endured the 90+ degree heat while covering miles of housing and distributing thousands of flyers by hand.  This dedication from our teachers and school leaders paid immediate dividends, as several scholars were enrolled within hours after the event. 
Teachers from NEO, OCP, CCP, UCP, CAP, and AKP all took part in the canvassing event on September 4th.   Although canvasing can be an exhausting and difficult job, our amazing team took it all in stride with a smile on their faces. 
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