School Bus Driver


  • Arrives at work on time and prepared for duty
  • Wears appropriate company attire
  • Keeps the vehicle clean and tidy
  • Completes federal and company reports every route/shift
  • Maintains contact with Dispatch when required
  • Follows all federal, state and local traffic laws while operating the vehicle
  • Adheres to I CAN SCHOOLS policies and procedures at all times
  • Operates the vehicle in a manner that ensures passenger safety and comfort
  • Follows proper loading and unloading procedure at stops
  • Observes road and weather to detect unsafe conditions
  • Practices defensive driving techniques to prevent accidents from occurring
  • Conducts pre-trip and post-trip at the beginning and end of every shift
  • Documents condition of vehicle and equipment using appropriate forms
  • Communicates needed repairs and dangerous vehicle conditions to maintenance
  • Interacts with passengers in a pleasant and friendly manner
  • Ensures that passengers know and follow I CAN SCHOOLS policies and procedures
  • Responds to passengers needs in an effort to maximize comfort
  • Responds to customer complaints as often as possible
  • Contacts Supervisor/Dispatch when customer situations escalate
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Physical (T-8)
  • BCII State Background Check
  • BCII Federal Background Check
  • Ohio Pre-service Training
  • Current Valid CDL with S/P

Please Note: Any position extended to you will be contingent upon you passing a criminal background check.

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I CAN SCHOOLS offers an exceptional benefit package to all full time employees through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio that include, medical, dental and vision. This package is one of the most competitive benefit packages offered to employees in the Cleveland area. I CAN SCHOOLS pays 90% of employee premiums only leaving employees to pay a minimal 10% premium each month. Employees participate in Ohio STRS (state teacher retirement system). I CAN SCHOOLS pays a 14% contribution to STRS and employees contribute a minimal 10%. I CAN SCHOOLS leader salary is competitive and ranked above most high performing charter schools in the State of Ohio.

Working Conditions
At I CAN SCHOOLS, we work tirelessly to ensure our leaders and teachers can spend their time on what is important – our students. I CAN SCHOOLS boasts incredibly structured and organized buildings, systems and routines. All leaders are equipped with the tools needed to succeed including modern conveniences in technology, talented personnel, and professional work spaces. Our leaders are provided with individualized coaching and ongoing leadership development. Leaders are supported and encouraged in their endeavors to network and to further develop their professional goals.

Bonus Opportunities and Extras
At I CAN SCHOOLS we offer a stipend for administrating Saturday School and summer student recruitment. In addition, leaders have the opportunity of earning a yearly bonus through a teacher and leader referral program. I CAN SCHOOLS also has many opportunities for athletic coaching in the areas of basketball, track, cheerleading, and competitive hip-hop dance.

Why I CAN?
I CAN SCHOOLS recognizes that it takes great leaders to build, lead and sustain outstanding schools. We prioritize leadership development and invest in our leaders through a one year leadership development course called I CAN LEAD. Leaders are supported in their leadership roles by members of the management team and are provided with consistent feedback and assistance to effectively manage and lead high performing schools. Leaders at I CAN SCHOOLS know that it is possible for every child to go to college. We do what is right for our students, even if it is difficult to do. We invest in our own and others’ development. We celebrate successes, both big and small. We can, and we do.

I CAN SCHOOLS is a non-profit, charter school management organization created in 2010. The mission of I CAN SCHOOLS is to prepare students for a college preparatory high school that ensures acceptance and graduation from a four year college and/or university. I CAN SCHOOLS is dedicated to providing all students with an education that supersedes standards of excellence.

The Future of I CAN
In 2013-2014 I CAN SCHOOLS will be expanding its locations throughout Ohio anticipating openings into the Youngstown and Toledo areas for the 2015 school year and beyond. Local colleges and universities have partnered with I CAN SCHOOLS to provide teachers with a quality internship experience, ultimately driving student performance. Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music is collaborating with I CAN SCHOOLS to further expand the music program and enrichment opportunities offered to students in grades K-12. I CAN SCHOOLS will continue its commitment, in collaboration with school leaders, classroom teachers and support staff, to obtain federal and local grants to assist with future network growth and financial needs to continue on the path of success as a high performing network of schools.