Teacher Training

Training for I CAN SCHOOLS teachers begins in July and is extended throughout the school year. Workshop sessions are led by trained I CAN SCHOOLS administrators and the Chief Academic Officer.

Classroom management

I CAN SCHOOLS teachers are trained to implement specific and intentional techniques and systems to establish and maintain a classroom environment that is safe, orderly, and conducive to student learning and achievement.  Teachers will receive on-going support from administrators throughout the school year to ensure success.

Research-based instructional and behavioral strategies

It is our belief that by applying a specific and intentional set of strategies, students will be free of ambiguous expectations and be presented with a path to success.  During training, teachers begin the process of understanding and implementing these strategies. Throughout the school year, teachers will receive on-going support and training.

Intentional lesson planning

Effective teaching starts with thoughtful planning and preparation.  During training, teachers are introduced to a lesson planning model that engages students at a quick pace and with high expectations. Teachers are coached to effectively implement the model for planning and instruction in harmony with the research-based instructional and behavioral strategies to obtain optimal student achievement.

Scope / sequence including pacing guides

Teachers are guided through the in depth process of scoping and sequencing their content and curriculum throughout the course of the school year in order to develop a rigorous and intentional instructional map to guide their planning and instruction.  Teachers work collaboratively with administration to analyze the breadth and depth of the curriculum throughout the school year.

Parental involvement

Teachers are provided strategies to build and maintain positive relationship with their students’ families.  Teachers learn how to create a classroom environment and culture that is fully supported by parents and families.

Data-informed decision making

During training, teachers are led through an extensive analysis of student data in their classrooms and are introduced to a variety of skills and strategies to make instructional decisions informed by data, all based on best practice.

Student engagement

I CAN SCHOOLS teachers understand that keeping students engaged requires more than just an interesting lesson.  I CAN SCHOOLS Teachers are trained to implement effective techniques from lesson planning to classroom organization, in order to keep their students engaged every minute, every day.

Carefully constructed professional development workshops is one strategy I CAN SCHOOLS leaders implement to provide teachers with the support to provide cutting-edge instruction to all students. Teachers will receive over 220 hours of professional development training throughout the school year.