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University of Cleveland Preparatory School

1906 East 40th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

216.361.9720 (office)
216.431.3375 (fax)

  • Serving grades K-8
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • Art, Spanish, PE & Music programs
  • 100+ seat auditorium


The Heart of the City

University of Cleveland Preparatory School is nestled in the heart of the city, neighboring warehouses and photography studios that help Cleveland thrive as a city of production. Our unique location exposes our K-8 students to a college campus, as we are housed on the grounds where several colleges once stood. University of Cleveland’s industrial appearance on the outside protects the circular college crest embedded hallways that house 14 classes, more than 15 offices, an auditorium that seats over 100, a music room, and most importantly the home of 27 staff members and 407 students.

High Academic & Behavioral Expectations

Not only does the University of Cleveland Preparatory School “WOW” visitors based on appearance, but the rigorous instruction, upbeat teachers and responsive students put into perspective the high expectations that we have for anyone that enters our building. Our mornings begin with a message delivered by one of our Deans that touches on the importance of our three pillars; Respect, Responsibility, and Relentlessness and infuse the importance of academic and behavioral expectations in order for our students to start their day with motivation. The moment that students finish breakfast, instruction begins, because at UCP, every minute matters.

Rigorous Instruction

Our students receive reading, math, and science instruction for an extended period of time in order to provide rigorous instruction, and further close the achievement gap. Our teachers incorporate chants, songs, and sometimes dance moves to keep students engaged in learning. In addition to the core content subjects, all students receive art, Spanish, and physical education, as well as music, which is a year round program. Our music program is constantly growing and this year, our students will participate in two concerts where they get to sing their hearts out! Because we know every minute matters, and that getting our students into college is not an easy task, we ensure that our students are prepared for standardized testing, as our students in grades 3-8 take iReady Exams every 6 weeks in order to prepare and practice for the American Institutes for Research (AIR) Assessment. Practice makes perfect!  Students in grades K-2 during these testing weeks are also tested using DIBELS, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills.

It Takes a Village

University of Cleveland Preparatory School believes that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We have high expectations for ALL of our students, and in order for our students to succeed, WE must ALL be invested. Peering into the hallways of UCP, you might find a Middle School Teacher tutoring a Kindergarten student, a 1st grade teacher mentoring a seventh grader, or an eighth grader fixing a second graders uniform. Doors of classrooms remain open in order to fill the hallway with knowledge, and as it spills out into other classrooms, it pushes the other students and teachers to continue to strive to do their best. We challenge each other to bring our best and do our best each day.

Passionate Faculty & Staff

The staff of University of Cleveland is diverse, as we are melting pot from various cultures, educational backgrounds, and location, but we all BELIEVE in the mission. University of Cleveland Preparatory School is a partner with Teach for America, and currently has 5 corps members. Teach for America is an organization that fills high-need classrooms with passionate, high-achieving individuals who will do whatever it takes to help their students succeed.

University of Cleveland Preparatory School is a place where average is not enough, where the status quo is defied, a place where students Execute Excellence Everyday, a place where students believe, “I CAN SUCCEED!” We invite you to visit our campus and become engulfed in the work we do the moment you walk through the door. See you soon!

A Typical Day for a K-8 Student

Additional Information


The school has adopted the State of Ohio’s policy for the use of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion. OAC 3301-35-15