Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of mission driven individuals who are committed to changing the face of urban education and closing not only the achievement gap but to limit the cycle of poverty that affects our scholars. We do this through hard work, perseverance, and over overall commitment to tasks at hand . We possess the relentless spirit needed to propel scholars into a life of choice and freedom through education.  


We know that without great teachers, nothing else matters. We prepare our teachers at I CAN SCHOOLS to change history – from the minute their scholars step in the classroom each day all teachers uphold the belief that each student can and will make it to college and beyond by the way they look each scholar in the eye with respect, to shaking every scholars hands in the morning, to the way they approach lesson planning and delivery of instruction. One unique quality of I CAN SCHOOLS is that teachers are provided quality lesson plans aligned to state standards and assessments. Our highly rigorous high quality lesson plans are created by a team of curriculum experts. With this extra layer of support in place, teachers are afforded more time for planning which in turn allows for more quality instruction. Teachers in the elementary grades work on a co-teaching model to aide with classroom instruction and management. A teacher for I CAN SCHOOLS can expect to work extended hours, create and sustain a quality learning environment where high academic and behavioral expectations are the norm in order to help our scholars achieve high test scores. We are seeking teachers who will "sweat the small stuff" and have a "no excuses" “no opt out" philosophy. Teachers will be expected to do "whatever it takes" to close the achievement gap. I CAN SCHOOLS teachers must be able to work in a fast-paced environment where accountability and high expectations are upheld at all times. 
I CAN SCHOOLS teachers must possess a philosophy that 100% of our students will attend and graduate from a four-year college and/or university. At I CAN SCHOOLS teachers are the helm of what we do!


Our leaders are highly skilled and trained in urban education. They come to us with the skills and experience to lead a team of mission driven deans and educators to sustain the highest quality culture and educational environments. Our leaders put in time above and beyond to ensure their campuses are the safest, most rewarding placed for their teams every day. They are led by an academic team that ensures all leaders are supported throughout the year. Leaders, such as Principals and Deans attend the Aspiring Leaders Fellowship Program to fully prepare them for success in their career path.

A core component of leaders in every school that consists of the following:

Home Office

Our home office staff is just as dedicated to our mission as those in our schools. Each and every members believes that 100% of our scholars will attend and graduate from a four year college or university. The staff consists of a group strategic departments of over 40 members that offer various components of support. Home Office staff work from several locations across our network, but the greatest concentration of staff can be found in our Home Office in Maple Heights, Ohio.