Why I CAN?

Since 2010, I CAN SCHOOLS has provided an exceptional option to families combating an achievement gap that closes the doorway to college. The belief that 100% of scholars can graduate from a four year college baits our appetite for providing a pathway to ever-increasing opportunity. We have an educational model that works. It can be replicated over and over again. Student achievement year after year has provided evidence that I CAN SCHOOLS unequivocally CAN deliver results from our pillars of Respect, Responsibility, and Relentlessness. Rhetoric revolving around these pillars spurs our scholars toward the belief that obstacles to college will be overcome because our community will ensure their success.

I CAN SCHOOLS enable our scholars to thrive within a culture of high expectations for behavior and achievement because our time is spent creating meaningful learning opportunities that expose them to life within and beyond college. Proclamations of where and when scholars will graduate from 4 year colleges resonate throughout the hallways of each campus as a mirror of the teacher Alma Maters that adorn every classroom doorway.

Why I CAN SCHOOLS? Because:

  • We love the work that we do in the context of charters because scholars who set their sights on college deserve to enjoy the privileges that educational attainment can bring.
  • Our approach to the work that enables us to dramatically improve choices for families in urban areas stems from our belief in constant practice.
  • Great teachers and leaders make great schools & there is a ton of work that must be done to get to that.
  • Our leaders remain hungry and primed to improve because they are self-critical & reflective
  • Our teachers are ambitious, and work deliberately to create an environment where success is inevitable.
  • Our relentless focus on teacher technique works because our teachers WANT to get better.

We motivate I CAN SCHOOLS scholars to have high expectations because 100% of them can succeed and graduate from a 4 year college.